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Got egged on by a good friend to maybe try the app Her and now roxie v shy and stuff and might do it >~<

We all know birds can tweet. But did the Mastodons toot? Find out next week on the history channel we're we find out if old fuzzy elephant things farted or if Eugen is a filthy fucking liar.

Queer update: I'm keenly queer, basically all the time.

be cool if like my mum didn't owe me lots of money and im broke and just a shitty situation in general since ive basically had no income this month yet i wont get benefits as my earnings will be way above my benefit threshold. :/

Randomly decided to watch a programming tutorial from beginners by this cute indian lad. Idk why just something to put on. But like he ran pip with sudo and now I cant stop cringing

friendly reminder that #MastoMonday is in just a few days!! what are ya gonna post?? who are you gonna invite to masto?? i wanna know!

Something something Roxie rants about making a open source discord but has too many projects already

Need more granularity in you spoon meter?

Try @IceWolf 's brand new batteries!

:pixel_battery_0X: :pixel_battery_0: :pixel_battery_1: :pixel_battery_2: :pixel_battery_3: :pixel_battery_4: :pixel_battery_5: :pixel_battery_6: :pixel_battery_6OC:


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