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really annoying trying to figure out why I am jelly of all the other trans people. Better hair and face and makeup so I need to go do all those things.

So did anyone actually figure out what the fuck the points where in Minecraft?

Tech taught by Roxie in under 256 chars 

I explained dns to someone who's basically tech illiterate and I was very happy with myself with coming up with a good way to explain it to someone.

Whats a yiff and why is it the life? πŸ€”

marie kondoing my life into a dumpster

hey everybody! have you ever wanted a binder? well one of the highest quality binder shops is having a black friday sale until dec 3rd!!!
they just came out with a racerback style, which is the first of its kind ive seen!
if you have sizing questions they have a sizing guide on their website, and they will ship you the correct size free if you get your binder and it is not the correct size

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