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I'm gonna make a career out of "being cute". :blobcatuwu:

@Maple I mean i hope you get to be the girl tbh <3 get u some in person interaction uwu

@Maple :blobcatheart:​ ikr im basically doing that rn without the cute girl with me ;-;

"Bugfixes and improvements" is the "Thoughts and prayers" of the app development community.

Don't @ me

damn I just learnt there was an all woman regiment in the Indian National Army in WW2. Now my brain is trying to figure out if I should be happy about that. Cause like women fighting colonialism is good but siding with fascists is bad. Esp fascists just doing their own colonialism.

warning - extreme macho man randy savage levels detected

(91%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘

you know what's hella cute about girls, all the different voices and accents :blobheartcat:

ph - 


sacasm, transphobia, mentions of racism, venting about bad video 

Please verify yourself by recognising a picture of a blurry bus 20 times in this really slow test

@error_1202 oh nice, well since i know you maybe I could show up to one or something >.< what happens at your groups?

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