@dragon trying to think of a poly transbian equiv of this cause i know its in there somewhere

I actually still don't know how block chain works but it's weird that it's basically the tech bro version of decentralisation

If Dark Side Jar-Jar Binks isn't revealed in episode 9 I'm going to fucking Riot.

unpopular opinion but two is a perfectly good number of hands

"... But I've been nostaglic for other people's childhoods my whole life" hitting me too hard there hbomb ;-;

I just got reminded of this weird thing I found on archive.org im probably never gunna see again and thats sad ;-; tried searching but its very hard to find and i have no idea how i found it the first time.

esp feelings ;-; seeing certain words hits u and gives u the trans feels

ive had this SOPHIE album lying around on my pc and i just sorta let it play and its pretty good? nice surprise. nice voice too uwu

@jane was joking more about who it was i was being compared to but idk id like to actually have a decent voice and idk if it is

@jane i got told my voice was contrapoints-y when i do my girl voice and i was very sad ;-;

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