100 boosts and I'll put "Wankie Tankie" in my description

I'm a slut for church songs. Guess you could call me a hymnbo

for the first time in my life i have a computer that can run the sims 3 without horrible lag

it took six cores and a high end GPU, both made a decade after the game's original release, but my god we did it

gonna establish a closed gender and start charging folks $200–300 for the privilege of making a character of that gender.

OG (Original Gender) do NOT steal!!!!

I thought I heard thunder but it's just extremely fat squirrels on the roof

damn i wish subway was light on calories cause id just fucking nom a chicken sub with garlic aioli all day. garlic aioli just being a fancy word for creamy garlic mayo tbh

federated myspace would be called ourspace

@alayna first i post aboue wallpapers then alayna gives me a fuckin sick one out of no where damn this pretty

i feel like I should play Katawa Shoujo again cause all the girls were cute and it was like the only VN ive ever played and the soundtrack and sounddesign was quite good

damn i want some like gay girl wallpapersssss like cute wallpapers with a girlrrrrlll

@Maple damn we are just filling the tl with being gay, damn we should just do this irl instead

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