I am rly scared to pay in money at the post office across the road cause I've never done that before. My research says its possible but I've never payed in money other than my bank before and let da machine do it. Scawe

@roxxers my local bank closed recently and this is the only way to pay in money. Not done it yet because definitely scawwy :blobcatafraid:

@NottNornal plus its just a random corner of a former bargain booze. They sell 1.5l of Pepsi max and two other Pepsi max flavours tho so that's a nice bonus for going in

@roxxers mmm yes, pepsi max is good. Mine is in the back of a small whsmith's so I can pick up a pen or summat ><

@roxxers I have done it and it's fine, if that's any consolation. It's very normal/unremarkable for then so it shouldn't be a big deal on their side (I find knowing that sometimes helps me).

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