anyone had experiences with i just found it on a /r/transuk thread and like i might use it to see if there is anyway to meet some trans people near me but idk/ shyyyy

@roxxers is awesome! You should totally use it. I use it to find hiking groups, and a polyamorous group one time. I ran a "Worldbuilding" meetup group once and it was a very good experience.
I'd personally recommend finding a group with a concerted activity. I find those make better groups than groups aligned by ideology or life circumstances, but that's just me. A flat out "trans" group may be very good, though I'd recommend looking into groups that have other more hands-on activities that you're interested in as well. Perhaps a mix of both?

@Lambdanaut the only reason i know of it was someone talking about a trans coders group but that was in london but sounded cool. Shame im so far away lol. It seems like due to where I live tho I am sorta casting my net a lil more wide and ambiguous since its harder to find things near me.

@roxxers Yeah same here. I'm out in the boonies these days so there aren't many meetup groups.
I've met trans individuals in the occult, burner(like Burning Man), and nudist communities as well. I feel like you may have some luck in those back alleys.

@roxxers I help run a bi social group that is advertised (among other places) on meetup and it works well, we get new people almost every month because of it.

@error_1202 oh nice, well since i know you maybe I could show up to one or something >.< what happens at your groups?

@roxxers You'd be very welcome! It's just people in a coffee shop who may be bi, may talk about bisexuality, but neither is required. :)

3rd Sunday of the month (so, this one upcoming!), Vienna Coffee House, look for group with a small cuddly lion on the table.

It's associated with Biphoria, which does a structured, confidential talky-space meeting for bi/bi-questioning people once a month, as well as socials in the coffee shop and a pub.

@error_1202 @roxxers oh hey I might also show up if nobody minds and the co parents can take the kid for the afternoon - what time?

@natrix @roxxers That'd be great (the kid's welcome as far as we're concerned, but I appreciate that might not be the most fun for you!).

People come and go, but we organizers (me and one other) aim to be there there from 1 until the café closes at 5, you can turn up for any of all of that time.

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