anyone know an easy to setup email server that will do nothing but send notifcation emails?

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@roxxers mmm the easiest i know is a full inbox thing, docker-mailserver

i've been using it for

@mavica as long as i can point to it for my new instance to use thats good. I just want like one account for it to send emails out of lol

@roxxers yeah it should be easy enough to set it up for that :) most trouble i had was that the way i renew my certs isn't covered by the options provided by the setup guides but a cronjob that restarts the container every month to fetch the new certs from the host worked well enough

@mavica hmm yeah that sounds really tricky for my tired brain atm. I just want to get this migration done soon πŸ’€

@mavica u can help a sleepy girl yus. i just need like the mail server so i have an example of easy to deploy mail servers for services and stuff. For this one it only needs to send stuff cause its just for the mastodon instance.

@roxxers i think mastodon alone can deal with mail? i don't think i set one up for mastodon at all

@mavica nah i dont think it can cause the auto config for local sending of email fails so it must be expecting a server or something

@roxxers hhhhuuuhh....

i'm... fairly sure i did not ever have a mailserver i set up, the one for is much, much newer than computer fairies itself--


no that's right i used smtp but to zoho mail, and zoho doesn't allow you to use your own domain for free anymore, i was one of the last people to jump in on that (and thankfully they kept our account as it used to be, good on them)

yeah, so you will need a mailserver hmm hmm

what can i help with?

@mavica ill just need a smol box to leave on that sends mail when masto needs to send emailsss but maybe not today im sleepy girl

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