#instanceadmin need some help for my new mastodon instance. This is new and wasn't happening before but when my server tries to look up instances it 500's on me for some reason. Like the search is broken? kinda need it to be able to federate for it to actually allow me to move >.<

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@roxxers my number one debugging tool is to ssh into the server, execute sudo journalctl -xf -u mastodon-*, and watch the output as you try to do the thing that throws the error

@monorail found the error, it was me keeping on elasticsearch enabled even tho i wasnt running it anymore cause it was impossible to get working lol

@monorail so all searches failed because it was trying to call that server that didnt exist as well as all the other stuff

@monorail nope now it keeps trying to access it even tho i disabled it ufhidufhwed

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