they should make a voice gun that makes ur voice fem. just saying >>

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i could voice train but im like belgh and struggle with keeping up with it.

@roxxers big mood

i had a lil cry over how frustrating it is today

@jane i got told my voice was contrapoints-y when i do my girl voice and i was very sad ;-;

@roxxers i thought natalie has come a long way, and sounds pretty darn good though?

sorry to hear regardless, it’s how it affects you that matters 😒

@jane was joking more about who it was i was being compared to but idk id like to actually have a decent voice and idk if it is

@roxxers just give us chockers that have a voice box on them that changed our voices to sounding feminine.

@natsumisummer i think my neck is too big for choakers >.<
i tried one and it looked bad ;-;

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