the greatest piece of audio in existance. 45 year old Tim Westwood complaining his records were stolen in Yorkshire in 2002 on his radio show

Stole from Limmy since he is the one who recorded this and kept it alive

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@roxxers Sheffield University, bunch of scoundrels

@roxxers It was probably someone from hallam πŸ–€ πŸ’›

@roxxers What the world needs to know is, did the Big Dawg actually drive back to Sheffield to retrieve his joints or did he just spend five minutes of BBC airtime ranting for no reason

@ak no one knows to this day. Its lost to time. All we know is, he wanted them joints back baby. Oh and that he was mad.

@roxxers I liked the bit where 45-year-old white DJ Tim Westwood had a go at the kid who nicked his records for being white

This is my favourite bit of radio audio - BBC Radio Stoke, 2013, stick with it because it's just awful

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