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Mastodon is:

βœ…β€‹ A microblogging site
βœ…β€‹ A meet queer friends site
βœ…β€‹ Polyamorous dating site
βœ…β€‹ Job search site

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Time for an obligatory toot!

Hi I am Roxie, a dorky 19 year old girl from Northern England. I come with a thicc accent and an even thiccer heart.

Love , , and girls :3

I can be found spending too much time playing games and coding my discord bot, roxbot.

You can find me elsewhere in these places:

Discord: Roxxers#7443

Look forward to my toots being degraded from this into pure shitposting :hrt_trans:

Elizabeth Warren chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Delegates?”

Affection aaaaa! Date report 

Affection aaaaa! Date report 

So both of my trains were cancelled today. Train line how the fuck is this legal?

Trans HRT, urgent 

"walking to 'Spoons holding hands is a certain kind of British Gay moment" my dateeeee

She cute

My journeys late, and your to blame, Northern gives trains a bad name

The train is cancelled for no fucking reason to. Trains at either side are fine and running. Fuck northern

When your going on a date, and you miss your train. But its okay because your ticket is for any of those trains so you just have to get the next one in an hour... And it's cancelled.... Then you have to wait half an hour to get a bus that takes an hour and a half to get to the city so your getting there two hours longer than planned. An hour more than the next train. Dhiendjsns

subscribe to my onlyfans for high-quality video of premium Lexi content! (crying, blogging, sipping lattes)


Body hygiene mention 

I hate it when the gender options are just "male," "female" and "prefer not to say." I prefer /to/ say, actually, but I haven't been given any chance to.

transitioning so i can go to college to get more knowledge with the girls, instead of having to go to jupiter to get more stupider with the boys

Can youtube stop showing me tech bro american programming channels? Its all grifting about how the job sucks but also heres how to do interviews but also why you shouldnt do the job and also why you should. Its fucking insane. The level of "damn u need to be x flashy" and honestly i think fuckin sets up super high expectations of the industry. I can pretend im an insider cause ive done freelance work for a few months now but damn they all grifters profiting on people thinking about this job. Maybe for the wrong reasons but they might pick up a useful skill out of it at least.

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