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I guess I can also plug my patreon.

I usually have my patreon for my discord bot, Roxbot. But soon i will be adding to that with my idea of a inclusive kink list generator.

If you want to support that and help me with my birthday at the beginning of next month then you can back me at

If you prefer single payment I have a PayPal at or kofi at

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Mega shilling my own project Show more

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Time for an obligatory toot!

Hi I am Roxie, a dorky 19 year old girl from Northern England. I come with a thicc accent and an even thiccer heart.

Love , , and girls :3

I can be found spending too much time playing games and coding my discord bot, roxbot.

You can find me elsewhere in these places:

Discord: Roxxers#7443

Look forward to my toots being degraded from this into pure shitposting :hrt_trans:

Maybe we could just take over friendica and make that a dating site. No one uses it anyway! no one would care

I could come up with more random testimonials but I'm doing this instead of sleep and you all can see this is the best idea ever.

"me and my bf met when we both watched 'random pirated foreign film 12' one day and met in the comment section via our discussion of gardening and now we have three cats"

"Aww babe, all 20 of my transbian gfs are seeding my history rant video, ya know the one with all my pride flags in the background and my baseball bat"

So when we turning peertube into a dating site too?

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bumblebee fact #666: bumblebees are trying their best

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the masto forecast for today is spammy with highs of old reboosts

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selfie, eye contact, boosts OK! Show more

So he did fix it and is solid so it's all good!

Omg I feel like a dick lol. Turns out gitlab is to blame and doesn't tell me it was closed cause of a commit ffs

This has been the most helpful experience I've ever had... Just kidding what the fuck lollypop dev?

It's a shame the best music player on linux has zero documentation and you can't easily find out how awesome it is. 😭

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And if anyone has a good idea for syncing music collections between linux desktop and android that would be lovely lol

Anyone know any good music players for Android? preferably foss ones. I need something now im moving all my VERY LEGAL music library from streaming to actual files

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