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Mastodon is:

βœ…β€‹ A microblogging site
βœ…β€‹ A meet queer friends site
βœ…β€‹ Polyamorous dating site
βœ…β€‹ Job search site

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Time for an obligatory toot!

Hi I am Roxie, a dorky 19 year old girl from Northern England. I come with a thicc accent and an even thiccer heart.

Love , , and girls :3

I can be found spending too much time playing games and coding my discord bot, roxbot.

You can find me elsewhere in these places:

Discord: Roxxers#7443

Look forward to my toots being degraded from this into pure shitposting :hrt_trans:

Hey im seriously thinking about making a reddit front end now. Pls so answer this poll would be helpful to see what the demand is like.

do you have a crush on me?

the concept for a front end of reddit for me would be to do three goals:

  • Improve load times with lighter pages
  • Focus on privacy as best as i can (probably still have to use the api's so I can't like guarantee total privacy when logged in i guess.
  • make it look good

i need more like cyberpunk, synthwave, and vapourwave in my music collection ever since ive moved away from using spotify so id love some suggestions of those genres or there abouts. need me that electro fix

do you have a crush on me?

Hey im seriously thinking about making a reddit front end now. Pls so answer this poll would be helpful to see what the demand is like.

so if there is demand i could do a reddit front end. Maybe one where you dont need to login to their system but i guess that sucks for comments. Idk if someone would want the official api or for me to not use an api either.

like i know a decent amount of like how reddit works and could do it using like json requests of the main pages but like alsooooo effort

wish there was a good frontend for reddit like there is birdsite and youtube...

Oh wait it’s MLK day of course somebody said some white shit πŸ˜‘

i left birdsite years ago bc queer PoC were getting kicked off unjustly

so now seeing bigoted pissbabies fleeing the fediverse for birdsite,

it's nostalgic i guess????

I think I can officially hit on leftist people by saying "I've worked for an org on the current UK police terror list (left wing bs ones)" and then id be drowning in da smooches

You Know Sometimes I Forget And Then Sometimes I Really Remember

lewd sorta 

My quest is to be blocked by everyone but for really strange and interesting ways. Yes i could just be a pos and easily achieve my goals, but can I do it via just being myself? lets find out

hello welcome to my list decentralised projects. Wait, you expected one of them NOT to be blockchain? haha you fool, i can only like things that use blockchain. i am a tech bro duh

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