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I guess I can also plug my patreon.

I usually have my patreon for my discord bot, Roxbot. But soon i will be adding to that with my idea of a inclusive kink list generator.

If you want to support that and help me with my birthday at the beginning of next month then you can back me at

If you prefer single payment I have a PayPal at or kofi at

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Mega shilling my own project 

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Time for an obligatory toot!

Hi I am Roxie, a dorky 19 year old girl from Northern England. I come with a thicc accent and an even thiccer heart.

Love , , and girls :3

I can be found spending too much time playing games and coding my discord bot, roxbot.

You can find me elsewhere in these places:

Discord: Roxxers#7443

Look forward to my toots being degraded from this into pure shitposting :hrt_trans:

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In A World
where Everyone is having a Lovely Time

One Man Dares to Try, Somewhat Ineffectively, to Ruin It


Summer, 2019

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selfies ec :boost_ok: 

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Horny [Show More] ​:blocky_white_cursor:

my middle fingers second knuckle has randomly decided to hurt and i have no idea why. Now i can hardly move it 😭

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you want me to extinguish this fire? what's next, stopping ALL chemical reactions? and i suppose you're against trees too because they're flammable

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techbro red flags 

bird site bs from 4chan 

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PSA Fedi Admins 

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Sometimes I hesitate to repeat the same standard anarchist positions (self-management, federation, mutual aid, etc...) for being cliche. I imagine this person must have already heard this line before and has a critique at the ready. Then I say it anyway, and it immediately becomes clear that this is the first time they've ever heard these positions. And I'm reminded that most people don't have a clue about anarchist theory so even repeating the cliches can give some insight to these folks.

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getting spam invited by a friend to join a group with 3 literal nazis in isn't fun anymore

yo can u all find me a group of non-nazis to play csgo with pls thanks. Ill take a full eu team of trans girls as the best outcome thanks.

did u know that roxie is on fedi? woaw

idk why but im just been watching citizenfour and watching lots of snowden stuff. Nice getting a reminder of all that lol

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cannot not think of /dev/tty in my head as "dev titty"

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me listening to music: yeah it's alright but what if it sounded more like a retro gaming console after you'd trodden on it

can someone enlighten me on some part of how mastodon works.

Now I know https is used for encrypting server to user interactions, like me sending this toot. But what happens in server to server interactions. Would this be encrypted from server to server over the wire when getting federated?

This might be dumb but whatever

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